Ok, well this is my very first blog and fairly typically i cannto think of anything to say to the world. i usually have too much to say! i wanted to have a blog because there are so many things to talk about, ask about and rant about and i hope that this is my opportunity to do this. well hello world i have arrived. the thing to do now is to find out hwo to work this and to get on with it. if you have been thank you for reading this. more to come when i find the courage.

have you ever thought about what you would do if someone close to you is terminally ill? perhaps you thought that death happens in hospital or quietly at home. did you know that there is a wealth of things out there for you to call on for help? BUT and here is the big but, you have to know the system you have to know what will help what doensnt help and who to speak to and who to TRUST. unfortuanely when you get to this point of needing this help you are usually drained, upset, not thinking straight and very fed up. the truth is we are often in an extremely vulnerable state and that is when things go wrong and organisations and aencies that dont care properly take advantage.

people in the last stages of life need to be treated with dignity and respect, their wishes listned to and every effort made to ensure that they are comfortable. their relatives need the same understanding and support and it should never be assumed that they dont need some form of help or support. they have the right to refuse it but it should always be offered. to be continued….


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